EUV technology

China-based technology giant Huawei has attracted all the attention with Kirin 990 5G , the world’s first 5G flagship processor , introduced during the IFA 2019 event in Berlin, where a major technology race took place.Huawei Kirin introduces the 990 5G processor!Huawei introduced Kirin 990 5G , the world’s first 5G flagship processor , at IFA 2019. The new processor welcomes us with a series of productivity improvements that will extend battery life during peak operations.

Formerly heralded for the future, the processor is of great importance for the company and its new smartphones. The Chinese-based technology giant says the chip is much better than the Qualcomm and Samsung 4G alternatives with its integrated 5G structure.Kirin 990 5G attracted great attention because of its remarkable AI- supported features and being the first 5G flagship processor. Since the 5G feature is included in the chip, it takes up less space. The chip, which has 10.3 billion transistors, is an eight-core processor powered by 7nm EUV technology . For those who do not know; EUV technology, graphics cards to reduce the energy consumed by increasing the performance, the graphics card has the ability to work cooler .Kirin 990 5G includes 2 high performance, 2 medium performance and 4 low performance units. These units have a clock speed of 2.86GHz , 2.36GHz and 1.95GHz respectively . The processor also uses the 16-core Mali G76 graphics processor, which aims to provide better performance in mobile games , as well as a built-in smart cache to reduce bandwidth by up to 15% .

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