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Vefa Tarhan shared detailed information about Keenetic brand network products during the press conference event.Ağ I have many years of experience in my favorite network and internet technologies. I had the opportunity to work in every field from engineering to senior management. We’ve done great things in the past with our team. We reached millions of users and became one of the biggest solution providers in our sector. However, everything is changing very fast, over time, home network solutions, modems, routers have become common, similar to each other, the necessary improvements could not be made, moreover, in our homes, workplace devices increase, smart systems are becoming more complex with the spread of more and more qualified products are needed… In addition to very serious security threats,Turkey began its activities in the market Keenetic.We have made significant analysis in Turkey in 2018. The past and the future were evaluated, Keenetic was observed to be on the right track, we did updates for the better. On the other hand, Keenetic’s 96% satisfaction survey among existing customers was a nice surprise for us. Now we are with Keenetic, we know the needs of our customers very well and we took steps in this direction, we prepared our products. Fulda operations, we have established offices in Turkey, this beautiful solutions, we are excited to bring our customers.

As Keenetic’s manager and investor, I have great faith in our products. We will be pleased to meet the needs of demanding, quality-seeking users. “Kevin Cheng (Founder and Chairman of Keenetic HQ Hong Kong also said:“We provide very high quality products with a very good team. We are always working hard to have the best solutions, and we hope to satisfy and satisfy our customers’ needs in the best way. Now Vefa Tarhan ‘We have received a significant boost from himself technologies, customer requirements, conditions in Turkey know very well. Home users, business and Internet service providers will be very pleased with Keeentic solutions. We worked well together in the past with Vefa Tarhan, I wish to bring great benefits to our customers in Turkey of such a beautiful partnership. “

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